Do you know Alum?

Do you know Alum?

Alum, a natural mineral found in Europe and used by the Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago.

This is a shaving essential for any well groomed man.

Alum is recognized for its antiseptic and healing properties. It calms razor burn and soothes irritations, helps stop bleeding in the event of a nick or cut.

We can get Alum in 3 different forms: block, pencil and matches.

Block is the most popular form of Alum used by men. Rubbing the alum block over cold water splashed post shave face- closes the pores and tones the skin. But it burns just as alcohol containing after shave. Some guys may not like it, some feels that burning makes you feel real macho. It's hard to resist alum block despite the need to call the fire department.

Pencil you can use directly on "the problem". When shaving accidents happen, the styptic alum pencil calms the bleeding and tightens the damaged skin. In other words: the wound stops bleeding within a few seconds. Perfect when shaving! But there is one problem… the pencils crumble despite best attempts at drying after use, so they do not last long.

Third option we have is an Alum Match - product that we all should appreciate much more. It works exactly like pencil but Alum Match is much more hygienic.  Easy to use, one book contains 20 single application. One match dealt with all, with more directional control over the application of the styptic to the cut. As long as you don't drop the book in the sink this should last to the last match. Use: Just tear one out, wet the tip and apply directly to the skin, then dispose of the used stick.

Every barber should know what to do in case the face is cut or scratched in shaving. The golden rule is- Never use a styptic pencil or any other astringent that will come in contact with more than one face, as there is great danger of infection, use alum matches instead.